About Alicorn Media:

Alicorn was founded in 2017 and started as Jantien’s brainchild. She believes in the power of social entrepreneurship and tries as much as she can to support and help the environment and her local community. Not only in her personal life, but with Alicorn as well.

About Jantien:

Originally from the Netherlands, Jantien moved to Ireland in 2013 to pursue a journalism degree in the University of Limerick. She quickly fell in love with the stunning countryside and vibrant city culture and remained here to raise a baby and pursue other opportunities.

Having worked in digital marketing since 2011, Jantien was hired as a brand ambassador by Quickest Fox Marketing in February 2016. She then became the host of LimerickHour in May 2016, her tenure of which earned her a promotion as Chief Operations Manager in 2017. The new position has her overseeing the expansion of the business to mainland Europe, starting in the Netherlands.

When not taking care of her two children, Jantien is interested in photography (published in Expreszo magazine in the Netherlands). She also enjoys reading, playing board games, and gardening (admitting a slight addiction to succulents).

In her spare time Jantien is an ambassador for Hibbs Lupus Trust, a radio presenter at Limerick City Community Radio (Nerd on the Radio), and marketing director for Clare’s Wish Foundation. She currently lives in Limerick City with her children and cat.

She started blogging, radio and social media under the name Nerd on the Rocks.

Headshot Jantien
Headshot Jantien

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